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Spring Lake Consulting is a boutique IT consulting firm specializing in the hedge fund/asset management, broker-dealer/investment bank and insurance/reinsurance sectors of the financial services industry. Founded in 1998 by several technology experts, the goal was to create a firm where technologists would have a forum to investigate and expand their knowledge of existing and emerging technologies, but also to provide our customers with a tailored, budget conscious approach to the solutions we implement. Understanding that technology serves the needs of the business, Spring Lake Consulting also offers business consulting, software development and systems integration services that unify the various pieces of your business and present a consistent picture to management allowing for rapid and decisive decision making.

We see infrastructure in two lights: commodity and competitive advantage. All firms today use email, mobile communication devices, they backup and archive their data and have implemented virtual technologies to save money and resources. While these technologies don't give you an advantage relative to your competitors, they are critical to the smooth operation of your firm. Downtime and lack of redundancy in these basic systems will give the impression that nothing works in your business. Spring Lake's proven solutions provide for redundant and fault tolerant environments which maximize uptime. We maintain these environments to eliminate your problems utilizing reliable tools that enhance productivity.

With the basic systems in place, you can now focus on the competitive advantage technology can provide your business. Spring Lake Consulting works with many emerging technologies and cutting edge products that allow your business to outmaneuver the competition either through speed and nimbleness or wringing more efficiency out of existing systems and processes. We have done work in the areas of high performance computing, low latency market data, high speed data access and parallel computing to name a few. Our proven expertise can assist in the system selection and evaluation process as well as integrating the solution into your existing environment.

Our primary goal is to help our customers use technology to give them efficiency, speed and most importantly to lower costs. It is finally time for technology to deliver on its promise of the many benefits it can provide without the headaches a poorly designed infrastructure can create. Spring Lake Consulting is ready to help your company achieve those benefits.